Making UP a Great University: Investiture Speech of Alfredo E. Pascual ’67

By September 16, 2011 539 Comments

Isang mapagpalat mapagpalayang araw sa inyong lahat!

About a year ago, I accepted my nomination to the UP Presidency in my desire to lead in the remaking of UP not only as a great Philippine university, but as a great Asian and global institution as well.

I said then that many of us remember UP as a great university, the best in the country, and a respected center of learning in Asia. Over the years, however, comparative surveys of world universities have jolted us into realizing that UPs preeminent position as an institution of higher learning has faded.

When I assumed office seven months ago, I declared that UPs path can be nothing else than the path, not only to the greatness of its past, but beyond it. This University must seize the leadership in the making of a globally competitive Philippines. But even more urgently, it should be focused on addressing those problems of the country that for decades have resisted solution.

Today, I join all of you as we collectively embark on a journey towards making the University of the Philippines a Great University in the 21st century. I do not profess to make UP great overnight, but I shall mark the path and launch UP towards greatness during my term.

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