Claudio B. Altura ’54 wins 2011 Subic-Boracay Race & 2011 Boracay Cup

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Congratulations to Claudio B. Altura ’54 for winning the 2011 Subic-Boracay Race and the 2011 Boracay Cup! Considered to be the premier long distance sailing event in the Philippine, the fleet of 17 local and international yachts sailed off the sailing mecca of Subic Bay last February 18.

The 200 mile course presented various navigational challenges for the sailors. Beginning with the Mindoro Coastline and it’s 2500 meter mountain range creating inconsistent wind patterns and through the Verde Island passage infamous for it’s varying tidal patterns. The finish line was set at world famous Boracay Beach where the racing continued as the 2011 Boracay Cup began on February 22nd.

Finishing in 36 Hours, 49 minutes, 42 seconds, “Vivaldi”, Altura’s J-35 Racer finished first in the IRC Cruiser/Racer Class division. To top it off Altura also won the 2011 Boracay Cup, winning 4 out of 5 inter-island races to complete the route.

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