Car Stuffing and Dakdakan 2011

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31 people in a car, an intense dunk-off, students holding on to a car for nearly 6 hours the night could not have been more exciting as the Upsilon Sigma Phi celebrated its 93rd anniversary with Car Stuffing. Touch My Car, and Dakdakan.

The Upsilon closed off the AS Parking Lot as early as 6am to prepare for the evening festivities. The UP campus watched on with eager anticipation as tents, food stalls, and a truckload of lights and sounds were being set up right in front of Palma Hall. By lunchtime, students were flocking the parking lot for food and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of free ice cream from Selecta, adding some flavor to the events to come. The parking lot filled up later in the afternoon as the entire UP campus students, faculty, campus staff, and passersby came together to take a break from school and work to enjoy the evening.

Dakdakan a dunk contest on an 8-foot rim – kicked off the nightlong celebration. 9 students from different colleges and organizations went neck-to-neck for the title of Master Pinakaswabe Dakdakan Champion. One by one, they were eliminated until only 2 remained. The final showdown was, indeed, one for the books. The competition was brought down to a faceoff between Wilfredo Wilf Martin and Ralph Nasara (UP 49ers). The two exchanged an arsenal of electrifying and creative dunks. There was no clear winner, as even the judges could not settle the score. Each ensuing dunk only intensified an already intense crowd. The final decision was up to the audience the contestant who drew a louder cheer from the crowd would claim the title. After a loud chant followed by an uncomfortable silence, Wilf Martin edged out Ralph Nasara and was crowned the Master Pinakaswabe Dakdakan Champion.

After a grueling Dakdakan showdown, the attention shifted to Car Stuffing as a brand new Mini Cooper and a brand new Mini Countryman made a dramatic entrance to the middle of the parking lot. Participating orgs were given time to inspect the cars and strategize their approach. As the signal sounded for the opening round, the Countryman was pushed to its limit as 9 organizations were each given 3 minutes to fill the car with people UP ALCHEMES won out with a record-breaking 31. The Countryman proved formidable, as it was able to withstand the beating that ensued with only a few bruises. Only UP ALCHEMES (31), UP ICTUS (30), and UP 49ers (29) made it through to the final round. In the finals, the three organizations were met with a grey Mini Cooper S. The car took more than a beating as UP ICTUS stuffed the car with 23 people, beating UP ALCHEMES and UP 49ers who were both tied at 22. Surprisingly, though, the Cooper S went home without a single scratch.

The night ended with Touch My Car. This ultimate test of patience and perseverance began at 5:45pm as 9 students held on to a Mini Cooper S, not letting go lest they be eliminated. Contestants were bothered by a series of challenges such as squatting, lifting chairs, drinking lots of water, and the like. One by one, they left, exhausted and distressed. And by 11:32pm, only one man, Ho Yong Park (UP CURSOR) was holding on. Exhausted but fulfilled, he claimed his prize. What followed after, though, was completely unexpected. In a unique act of sportsmanship, Park shared his prize with the other 2 who stood by until the closing minutes. He embodied the spirit of the Upsilon Month: sharing and celebrating with others in UP even those beyond your circle.

Car Stuffing, Touch my Car, and Dakdakan are part of the month long celebration of Upsilon Month. They are 30 year old traditions which are celebrated annually every November and December.

The Upsilon Month 2011 is Co-Presented by Mini Philippines, Selecta, and Master and brought to you by Banapple, Boulevard Diner, Karimadon, DZUP 1602, 9 Waves Resort, and Moonleaf. We would also like to thank our following org partners: UP ICTUS, UP ACES, UP GPS, UP 49ers, UP CURSOR, UP KEM, UP Music Circle, and IE Club.

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